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December 2013: Competition success!

Earlier this month John was invited to be part of the Under 50's team for the Under 50's VS over 50's competition at The Magic Circle. The night was a great success, and John won his category with his own version of an animated rising card.  Many thanks to Wayne Fox for being such a superb Captain.


December: Murder Most Fowl goes down a treat.

The show has opened to strong reviews and packed houses. Johns effects that take centre stage are baffling the audience and are integral to the plot. Alex Gartshore is doing a great job as the Magician and John would like to thank all the team for their support throughout rehearsals.


November 2013: New Magic Residency in London's West End.

Having performed a number of times at Inamo St. James, John has been approached to run a monthly magic night at their two restaurants in the heart of the West End. Once a month you can see John and other Magicians performing their own brand of trickery at the interactive tables at Inamo. For full details check out the website here.


November 2013: A magical murder.

Following discussions with director Robert Miles, John will be consulting on a new piece for the Quays Art Centre on The Isle of Wight. They are creating a murder mystery that takes place around the theatre building, and John is designing a 15 minute magic show that is central to the plot...


November 2013: A magical murder.

Following discussions with director Robert Miles, John will be consulting on a new piece for the Quays Art Centre on The Isle of Wight. They are creating a murder mystery that takes place around the theatre building, and John is designing a 15 minute magic show that is central to the plot...


October 2013: WWF Film (the nature fund, not wrestling!)

John will be appearing as 'Paul' in a new short film for the WWF. It centres around the use of Palm Oil in everyday objects, and the team are hoping the clip will pick up strong interest through social media channels.


September 2013: Thark at The Park.

John is proud to announce a further collaboration with the team at Snapdragon Productions. He is the Magic Consultant on a new adaptation of Thark, playing at The Park Theatre until the 22nd of September. The show has picked up a number of superb reviews and award nominations.


August 17th 2013: Wedding bells!

This summer John has married his beautiful wife Sarah at The Hotel Russell. It was a truly magical day and they both wanted to publicly thank all the family and friends that made the day such a spectacular occasion.


June/July 2013:  Deloitte an utter delight

For the last two months John has been working with Deloitte creating a number of bespoke magic tricks to promote their graduate scheme. He has been touring the country performing at a number of Universities. It has been a fantastic project to be part of and John would like to thank Fiona and Kate for their support throughout.


May 2013: Boots ad starts popping up.

You can now see John in the Boots Summer campaign on TV and by clicking here. John would like to thank all his friends and family for the texts, tweets and facebook messages that come in everytime the advert is on!


April 2013: A Boots BBQ...

Following a number of successful auditions and a great couple of days shooting, John will be seen next month in the Boots summer commercial. He's playing 'BBQ Man' and has two short scenes. John would like to thank the team at Des Hamilton casting, the director Jamie Rafn and all the cast and crew on the shoot for a very enjoyable few days.


March 2013: Auditions and National Studio meetings...

John has been called in for a number of exciting auditions this month, and has been pencilled for the majority of them. He has also been back in The National Theatre Studio to discuss working on an updated version of a J. M. Barrie play with Ria Parry. John would like to thank Ria for her time, and looks forward to working together in the future.


February 2013: Short films and consultations.

Once again John has joined forces with Rebecca Fielding to create a number of pieces for film, the first of which can be seen by clicking here. Each piece is written with John in mind, and they are in discussions to bring them to the stage.

John has also been building a number of effects for a new play written by Jonathan Guy Lewis and Simon De Cintra. It will be on at The Tristan Bates theatre from the 25th - 27th of Feb.


January 2013: Playing hangman...

In a couple of months John will be on The National Geographic channel playing a Judge in 'Bloody Tales.' The story revolves around approx 300 satanists in the 17th Century who were all hung on one day. John would like to thank the director, Jeremy Turner for calling him in and also the cast and crew for such an enjoyable shoot.




December 2012: Wedding Bells and Dragons...

It is with huge delight we can share the news that John will be getting married next year. He proposed at the start of December, and ended up being interviewed on 'London Tonight' with his Fiancee Sarah. They are both so excited about it all and have plenty of planning to do to make sure its an incredible day for everyone involved.

John is also now working closely with Eleanor Rhode at Snapdragon productions to develop a one man show he's had in his head for a long time - all being well it'll make its appearence in 2013.


November 2012: Another 'bloody' audition...

This month John was asked to read for the second series of 'Bloody Tales' on The National Geographic channel. He met with the director Jeremy Turner, and is due to film early next year-so watch this space for more info.

You can also now see John perform his brand of stand up magic at 'The Ace Time Continuum' on the last friday of every month at Ginglik in Shepherds Bush. He is hoping to show case his magical skills and also a number of sketches he's been developing.


October 2012: Mike Leigh, Ian McKellen and the big 3 0 !

Over the last few months John has been auditioning for Mike Leigh. It has been an incredible journey and a great opportunity. Although it hasn't worked out for this project, John is hoping to work with

Mr. Leigh in the future and would like to thank him and his team for being so truly wonderful.

He also performed magic at a Gala dinner for the Park Theatre. John was snapped showing some tricks to Sir Ian McKellen amongst others, and you can see these shots in the magic gallery. He has also turned 30 this month, and is keeping in mind the quote "growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!"


September 2012: New Agent and magic viral.

John has now signed with the team at John Doe Management. He originally met them back in May this year and impressed them over the last few months with his approach to auditions and pro activity. He has also shot a viral for The Future Laboratory to help publicise their next event. You can see it by clicking here.


August 2012: Bye-bye Bush.

After an incredible few weeks performing at The Bush Theatre, The Bush Bazaar has closed for the final time. John would like to thank Theatre Delicatessen and everyone involved at The Bush for a great experience. The piece was very well received, picking up some excellent reviews which you can see by clicking here.


July 2012: Bush Bazaar and bybox.

John will be taking part in The Bush Bazaar, held at The Bush Theatre and created by Theatre Delicatessen. For more info click here. He is playing a police officer in a new interactive play about Justin Bieber. You must see it to fully understand it! He is also due to appear in a second advert for Bybox, and this will be viewable on the site in the next few weeks.


June 2012: A Gruesome Short...

In keeping with his reputation as an actor who revels in playing strange parts - John will be appearing in The Virgin Shorts Competition as a slightly odd waiter. The short film is called 'Loo' and you can view it on the showreel section of this site, or by clicking here. John has also been approached about a project over the summer at The Bush Theatre. More details soon!


May 2012: Meetings, meetings, meetings.

John has been keeping busy this month with a number of workshops, auditions and meetings with potential agents. John was also back in the offices of Objective Productions to chat about his own ideas. He has started filming a number of his own projects and will post them on this site when they are completed. One is a hidden camera character magic show, the other a spoof documentary.


April 2012: New Headshots and a brave step...

This month John has taken the tough desicion to leave the books of MTA. He has had a brilliant four years working with Mia and her team, and would like to thank them for all their hard work and support. If you would like to represent John please do get in touch.

John has also had some new headshots taken by the immensely talented Leo Williams and you can view them in the headshot gallery.


March 2012: Development and heading back to the old school.

In keeping with the niche John is developing, he has been approached about a new horror play that requires his acting and magic knowledge. The piece is being written with him in mind for the lead role and he will also be the magic advisor.

Also this month John has been asked to MC a Gala Dinner for his old school - Watford Grammar School for Boys. He will perform some magic between courses to the crowd of around 300 and host the event. Its the first time John has done something like this - hopefully not the last!


February 2012: New Company and more meetings.

Following January was going to be a tough job, and thankfully February was up to the challenge. Building on their success from The National Studio the team have continued the development and are speaking to a number of producers and venues about the production. John & Rebecca Fielding are due to launch their own theatre production company later this year which will also combine their existing creative consultancy work under one roof. Rebecca and John came together at the Offcut Festival at the end of 2011 where their production picked up the industry choice award for best writing and have been working together ever since. The company will create and develop unseen pieces together with exploring new ways of developing classic works. With a diverse bank of artist professionals and a multi-sensory approach the company will challenge and expand the theatre going experience. Events, festivals and regular showcases are also on the agenda. Watch this space - very closely.


January 2012: The National Studio and Objective meetings.

2012 has started with a bang! John has been called into the offices of Objective Productions for two separate meetings about two new shows. He has been seen by Head of Magic Anthony Owen, and Derren Brown co-creator Andy Nyman for an E4 magic show, and the next day was seen again for a project on The Discovery Channel. John would like to thank Anthony and Andy for their kind words and looks forward to working with them in the future. The next week John took his team into The National Theatre Studio to work on their new play with magic embedded within the narrative. The week was an intense and mad workshop full of tricks and fantastical stories created by playwright Al Smith. The script is now being written, and will be ready on International Star Wars Day (May the 4th.) For more information, and to see the work they created the team have created a PDF and this can be yours by emailing




December: 5* Reviews and a busy start to 2012.

'Alice in Wonderland' has opened and is already picking up some great reviews. You can read the first 5 star review by clicking here. John would like to thank everyone at The Brewhouse for making him feel so welcome and all their help in creating the effects within the show. Special mention must go to Alex Gartshore, Jeniffer Done and Trevor A Toussaint who are the main 'magicians' within the cast, and of course to the director Robert Miles for his support throughout the process. If you would like to see the tricks get along to the website and book your tickets now!

2012 is shaping up to be a busy one for John and keep checking back here to see how his various projects are taking shape. With the National Studio, the possibility of three new plays being written with him in mind, meetings with TV companies and the creation of a new creative consultancy business all happening in the first month, it is going to be an interesting and exciting time for all involved!


November: The National Studio draws closer as John falls down the Rabbit Hole...

As the year draws to a close John has been busy working alongside Eleanor Rhode and Al Smith to decide on the project and story they are taking into The National Studio early next year. The piece is starting to take shape and it is going to be a fantastic week and great opportunity for John to work at this level. Alongside that the magic tricks Joan designed for Alice in Wonderland have all arrived and are being taught to the cast. For information on the tricks please email John directly on


October 2011: Offcut a complete success.

The Offcut Festival 2011 has drawn to a close. The play John was in- 'Bound'- picked up the Best Writing Award as chosen by a panel from the industry, including the likes of playwright Moira Buffini. John would like to congratulate Rebecca Fielding for this and thanks her for all her support throughout the festival. The Offcut was a great opportunity to showcase new writing and acting talent, and John would like to thank Daniel, Nick, the team at Incompany and everyone at The Riverside Studios for such an enjoyable few weeks. Rebecca has already begun development on the full version of 'Bound' and is in discussions with John regarding a number of other watch this space!


October 2011: John is heading through the looking glass...

John has begun working on Alice in Wonderland at The Brewhouse in Taunton. He is the magical consultant for the production and will be designing and creating all the magic effects used within the show. For more information, and to get your tickets head along to the website.


October 2011: 'Bound' for the final!

The group stage of The Offcut Festival is now finished, and I am happy to report that 'Bound' has been voted through to the final! A massive thank you to everyone that came down and voted for us. We now have a run of 5 performances before the overall winner is decided. If you didn't make it down, do not panic - you can come and see us in the final! This is where the votes really count, and we are trying to encourage as many people as possible to get down and vote for our piece. We are performing every night at 730 from Tuesday the 11th to Friday the 14th, and would love to see as many friends, family and industry colleagues there as possible. You can get your tickets by clicking here.


September 2011: Offcut opens...

After an intense 3 weeks of work, The Offcut Festival is opening tomorrow! John would like to thank his director Francesca Camozzi for her guidance during rehearsal and also his writer Rebecca Fielding for creating such a lovely character and writing a clever script. Come along to The Riverside Studios this week - the performances are on Wednesday the 28th, Friday the 30th and Sunday the 2nd at 730pm - with a matinee on Saturday the 1st at 3. Every vote counts and we need as many as possible to put us through to the final! Get your tickets by clicking here.


September 2011: Rehearsing and Consulting.

Rehearsals for The Offcut Festival are starting and the play is beginning to take shape. We urge you to get your tickets booked and come along to support this brilliant festival. Alongside Offcut, John has been approached by The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton to be the magical consultant on their Christmas show 'Alice in Wonderland.' This would be a great project to be part of and would allow John to bring together his knowledge of theatre and magic to create some fantastic moments. Watch this space for more info!


August 2011: The Offcut Festival 2011.

John is pleased to announce he will be performing in The Offcut Festival 2011 at The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. The festival brings together 28 new plays, with a team of actors and directors to be performed over two weeks. The audience vote for their favourite pieces, and the top eight then perform for a third week before one is chosen as the outright winner. All the plays are 15 minutes long and the audience see seven in an evening. John is playing the part of 'Melvin' in Bound written by Rebecca Fielding. He is being directed by Francesca Camozzi who has worked internationally as a director and at time of writing is heavily involved at The Royal Court. You can find details of the show by clicking here, and to book tickets please head along to the Riverside Studio website or call 0208 8237 1111. We are in group two and performing on Wednesday the 28th of September at 7.30pm, Friday the 30th September at 7.30pm, Saturday the 1st October at 3pm, and Sunday the 2nd of October at 7.30pm. Please do come along and show your support and vote for us!!


June/July 2011: Auditions and Documentary creating.

Over the past couple of months John has been formulating an idea to create a documentary about his home town of Watford. He is doing this with his film-making friend Hamish Patel who John regularly collaborates with (see the showreel section for their 'Jurassic Park' and 'Armageddon' both done in 60 seconds!) If you would like to get involved please do email John on They are setting out to de-bunk the preconceptions people have about Watford - so watch this space! John has also been auditioning for a number of different projects and has been to a number of workshops to help broaden his creative network.


May 2011: Play readings and brilliant meetings...

This month has been full of meetings with writers and directors as John looks to further develop his concept of a theatrical piece with Magic at the centre. Thanks go to Eleanor Rhode and Al Smith for their help so far. John has also been involved with the reading of a brilliant American trilogy, The Talley Trilogy, under the watchful eye of Eleanor so watch this space to see what happens with it next!


April 2011: You and Universe.

The latest addition to Johns work on film is a beautifully shot silent film telling the story of a Clown. It is now online, and you can see it in the Showreel section of this website. John plays the Clown in the piece, and spent nearly two hours in the make-up chair before filming for 8 hours wearing the prosthetic nose piece! He was able to use a combination of his magic and clowning skills to bring the character to life. The creative team all came over from Poland, and John would like to thank them all for creating such a striking piece, especially the director, Maciek Walgoria, for getting John involved.


March 2011: Clowning around...

Another month and another short film wraps. This is a dark silent film following the story of a Clown with a hooked nose who wants to join the circus. It is a tale with a message, showing what can happen if we all get too greedy. You can see some stills from the film in the Gallery section, and it the film will be posted on this site as soon as it is finished.


February 2011: Voice reel now online.

John has been working hard with Round Island to create a new voice reel which can be listened to on this site. On the Voice reel page you will find a collection of tracks along with dramatic and commercial compilations. John would like to thank Guy and Ben at Round Island for making the process so easy and providing great advice on what to do with the finished product. Any feedback is always appreciated so feel free to email John directly on


February 2011: Spending the week in a pub...

Filming has completed on 'The Rhythm Method' where John plays the part of Tommy. It was filmed on location in a pub in Hatfield, and can be seen in the Showreel section of this website. Tommy is a typical 'Jack the lad' and offers awful advice to his good friend Dan. John would like to thank Adrian and the team from Wobbly Boat pictures for such an enjoyable shoot.


January 2011: The year starts with Armageddon and a Short film...

With the New Year upon us, John has gathered his creative team together and created another entry for the Empire 'Done in 60 Seconds' competition. Last year they tackled 'Jurassic Park' and this year they have chosen to re-tell 'Armageddon.' You can see it by clicking here.

John has also been asked to play Tommy in a short film called 'The Rhythm Method' and will be filming it next month. It is a comedic piece revolving around a group of friends, and the rubbish advice they pass on to each other. Once it is completed you will be able to see it in the showreel section of this site.




September 2010: That was the Dream that was

Following an incredible summer Red Rose Chains production of A Midsummer Nights Dream has come to end. John would like to say a massive thank you to all the cast, crew and volunteers at Red Rose Chain who really helped make it an incredible summer and fantastic show. Selling over 10,000 tickets this production has been the most successful 'Theatre In The Forest' ever, and it was a real privelage to be part of it. You can see all the reviews here and photos of the production can be found by clicking here.


August 2010: Dream start for the show...

A Midsummer Nights Dream has opened with a brilliant review which can be seen here, and you can view John's interview in The East Anglian Times by clicking here. The show is going down incredibly well and is on course to be the best Theatre in The Forest ever


July 2010: Interesting Interview:  

John has been interviewed by The East Anglian Times about the show, and will be in the paper on Saturday the 31st... so look out for it! He was asked about past productions he has been involved with and about his love of magic, so it should make for an interesting read!


July 2010: The Dream takes shape...

Rehearsals are well under way and the show is really starting to take shape and a life of its own. Johns Puck is full of energy, sprinting through the forest and causing as much mischief as possible! Please do get along to for tickets.


June 2010: Ipswich calling.

With his lines learnt and his head full of ideas John has started his rehearsals for A Midsummer Nights Dream. The cast and creative team involved with the project are all brilliant and bring different skill sets to the piece which is really helping create a powerful production. You can see some some rehearsal shots by clicking here.


May 2010: John lands Dream job...

John has been asked to play 'Puck' in an open air production of A Midsummer Night's Dream this August for The Red Rose Chain Theatre Company. The piece will be performed in Rendlesham Forest (near Ipswich) and John has been asked to use his magical knowledge and skills as Puck, which will create a truly unique production. John is hugely excited about the project and can't wait for rehearsals to start! For all information regarding the show please go to


May 2010: New Head shots and Projects!

A massive thank-you to the team at Fandango Studios for capturing some brilliant new headshots for John. They can be seen by clicking here and if you want to tell John which one is your favourite please do send him a quick note. John has met with Freelance Director Eleanor Rhodes, who is currently directing a number of pieces at The Finborough Theatre. She has been picking his magic brain over a possible production in London later this year, so watch this space!


April 2010: Meetings, meetings, meetings...

This month has been full of a number of exciting meetings and auditions for John. He has been recalled by Red Rose Chain for their upcoming production of A Midsummer Nights Dream, so check back to see how he gets on! He has also met again with Le Nez productions to further discuss his idea for a play mixing magic with storytelling. John was also able to arrange a one-on-one chat with the lovely Andy Nyman (co-creator of Derren Brown and Writer/Performer in 'Ghost Stories') It was an amazing meeting and John left inspired and full of new ideas and approaches to his work, so a massive thank-you to Andy for the chat. Andy can be seen in Ghost Stories which is shortly transferring to The Duke of York theatre in the West End- so go along for a master class in theatrical suspense and horror!


March 2010: John goes Viral.

John can be seen playing a young and very excited business man in a viral advert for 'Now Design.' The piece is a spoof news report and can be seen in the Showreel section of this website. John would like to thank Dominic at Homepage Videos for getting him involved.


February 2010: Booed in Sainsburys...

Much Ado in Sheringham was a complete success and John was regularly booed by the audience as the villain of the piece (they were encouraged to boo at the villain and cheer the hero). He was also booed in the local Sainsburys from people who had seen the show the night before! There is talk of it being taken on tour, so please do keep checking back for more information as it becomes available.


January 2010: Jurassic Park... in 60 Seconds!

The re-telling of 'Jurassic Park' in 60 seconds is complete, and can be viewed on the Showreel section of this website. Watch this space for more like it, and to see how it gets on in the competition. Any comments or feedback, please email John on


January 2010: Much Ado in 2010

The New Year has started with an invitation for John to play Don John in 'Much Ado About Nothing.' He is looking forward to being directed by RSC Associate Artist Desmond Barrit, and will be appearing at The Little Theatre in Sheringham as part of their early Rep season. John would like to thank Rhys Thomas for the recommendation.




November/December 2009: Done in 60 Seconds...

The process has begun in creating an entry for this years Empire Magazine/Jameson Whisky competition- 'Done in 60 Seconds.' The challenge is to re-tell any film in 60 seconds, and you will be able to see the finished video on this website. John and his creative team are tackling the classic 'Jurassic Park...'


November 2009: Acting Showreel up on site.

Please click here to check out Johns brand new acting showreel. This is a collection of the various bits and pieces John has performed on camera and was brillianty edited by Hamish Patel (an indepedant film maker/editor) Please do get in touch and share any feedback you may have.


October 2009: RIP is live.

Last weekend John collaborated on a 48 hour short film competition run by Smoke and Mirrors. He worked along side the creative team from and the film they created is called 'RIP.' It explores the theme handed to them by the competition of 'peace.'  Please click here to watch it, and if you have any thoughts or feedback please do email John on


September/October 2009: Magic Showreel and Short films.

John has been out and about on the streets of London and has created a Showreel for his Magic. Please click here to view it and send John an email with your thoughts on He has also been asked to film two short films in two weeks, and they will be on show in the Showreel section of this website.


September 2009: John performs for The President!

Following his acceptance into The Magic Circle, John has been asked to perform as part of The Presidents Show. This is an event where the new President invites a number of Magicians to perform on stage at The Magic Circle. It is a real pleasure to perform on such a prestigious occasion, and John would like to thank the new President Jack Delvin for asking him to be part of the show.


July/August 2009: John joins The Magic Circle.

As many people know, John is an accomplished Magician. He started learning magic at the age of seven, and after nineteen years of practice, decided to apply to The Magic Circle! This was all done without the knowledge of his family, hence the belated post on this website. The application process was understandably long and difficult and took a few months to complete. It was also a lot of fun and John was successful! He is now amongst the 1500 members worldwide. This is a great honour and privilege, and John would like to thank Robert Cox at The Magic Circle for all his help.


May/June 2009: Exciting meetings...

John is currently in talks with Le Nez Productions, who are the youngest producers to get a show ('Well') into the West End. They are looking to create a new show utilising John's skills as an Actor and Magician. This is a hugely exciting project to be involved with and John would like to thank Henry, Stephen and Ben for helping him with this. Watch this space!


May 2009: New Photos.

John has had some superb new photos taken by Carl Proctor. Please click here to have a look at them. John would like to thank Carl for an enjoyable shoot and highly recommends him to other actors. Click here to go directly to Carl's website.


May 2009: Farewell to the YSC... for now!

Following two highly enjoyable and successful tours with The Young Shakespeare Company, John is now back. He would like to thank everyone at the YSC for looking after him so well and giving him the opportunity to play some fantastic parts at incredible theatres across the country. A special thank-you must go to Chris Geelan, Sarah Gordon, Rupert Wickham, Fiona Penney and Sarah-Jane for being so supportive and enthusiastic about my work. It has been a real pleasure working with this company and John hopes to do so again in the future.


April 2009: Bloomsbury was a blast.

The two shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London went down a storm and John would like to thank all his friends, family and industry types that attended. It was a real honour to show this work in such a great theatre and to such a lively and yet fully engaged audience.


March 2009: We're coming to London!

'Romeo and Juliet' has been very well received across the country, and has allowed John to broaden his experience in playing a number of different spaces including the Birmingham Old Rep Theatre, where the first modern dress Shakespeare was performed in 1923. The show will be at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, on the 31st of March so get in touch if you'd like to come!


February 2009: Theatre 503 Writing Award...

After writing an outline together and developing a few scenes, John and Alexander Williams submitted a piece for this award. The play mixes Magic with Theatre and follows the story of a young Magician whose past comes back to haunt him. The piece has picked up positive feedback and interest from influential producers... so watch this space!


January 2009: New Year, New Shakespeare Project!

John is thrilled to be starting the New Year working with The Young Shakespeare Company again. He will be playing Tybalt and Friar Lawrence in 'Romeo and Juliet' until 1st May. The show will be touring the country to theatres nationwide. Get in touch with Mia Thomson on 01323 486143 for more information.




December 2008: 'Sins of the Father' reading a triumph.

It was a very successful evening and the play reading was very well received. The audience provided the writer, Alexander Williams, with plenty to think about and the performances were highly praised.


November 2008: More Shakespeare coming in the New Year

The Young Shakespeare Company have invited John straight back in the New Year to play Tybalt and Friar Lawrence in 'Romeo and Juliet.' The tour will be to a number of theatres and secondary schools around the country, including the Bloomsbury in Central London. Get in touch for more info and to see John in action!


October 2008: John invited to take part in Play Reading.

John has been asked to take part in a reading of a new piece: 'The Sins of the Father' at the Old Red Lion Theatre on the 29th of December. More info to follow soon!


September 2008: Shakespearean Photos online!

The Photo Gallery has been updated with some as MacDuff. You can see him battling Macbeth for the Scottish Crown! Please click here to be taken directly to them.


August 2008: John excited about Shakespeare Tour.

Following a successful and enjoyable audition process, John will be touring 'Macbeth' around the country for The Young Shakespeare Company. He will be playing MacDuff and a number of other parts in the show. John can't wait to get started as this is his first professional piece of Shakespeare! For further information please email The Young Shakespeare Company on:


July 2008: Photo gallery updated.

The Photo Gallery on this website has been updated. Please click here to be taken there directly. Have a flick through to see shots of John at work, most recently performing his Wrap Splat Hat rap for Garnier Ambre Solaire. If you have any comments on the photos feel free to email John directly on


June/July 2008: Wrap Splat Hat... The Return!

Following the success of the 'Wrap Splat Hat' Rap last year, John has again been called upon to help deliver this vital sun protection message to primary school kids. John has had great fun working on this project and would like to thank Imogen and Laura at TriMedia and Vanessa and Dean at CommentUK.


April/May 2008: The Viral is live and at Cannes!

The internet Viral that John filmed in March is now live. It has also been short listed in the prestigious 'New Director Showcase' at Cannes. Watch this space for news on the award. You can see it in the showreel section of this website. Copies are available, so please email John directly on to get one.


March 2008: John films Internet commercial.

You will soon be seeing John in an Internet Viral with well known comic Actor Steve Furst. John would like to thank the Director, Tony Briggs, and Jess Bell at Dab Hand Media for such a fun shoot.


February 2008: A lovely Love and Madness read through!

John was invited to take part in the read through for the next Love and Madness production. The play was a delight to read, and John would like to thank Neil Sheppeck for getting him involved.


January 2008: The New Year starts with a New Agent!

John is very excited to now be represented by Mia Thomson at MTA. Please contact Mia on 01323 486143 or John would like to thank David of David Padbury Associates for all of his hard work over the last couple of years and wishes him and the agency the very best of luck for the future.




November 2007: 'Prints of Denmark' very well received.

The short London run was a complete success. There were excellent crowds in every night who thoroughly enjoyed the show. John shone in his various parts picking up some very positive feedback from the audience and the company. John would like to thank everyone at TARA Arts, and in the 'Prints' company for such a great couple of weeks.


October 2007: John joins 'The Prints Of Denmark'

John has been invited to join the cast of 'The Prints of Denmark.' It was originally performed at this years Edinburgh Fringe, and is coming to London for one week only. Performances are daily from the 12th of November. The play was nominated for an Amnesty International Award, and deals with the drawings of The Prophet Mohammed that appeared in the Dutch press. Check out for booking information.


September 2007: Positive Feedback on the Pilot

The Pilot has been getting some great feedback from all areas of the industry. Everyone from Casting Directors to Producers have commented on John's 'excellent comic timing' and his 'obvious flair for comedy.' Get in touch to see a copy!


August 2007: The Pilot is complete.

After a long writing and filming process, John has completed work on a Pilot for a comedy. He has been passing it around various production companies, and has already received great feedback from The BBC and Big Talk Productions. Watch this space! To order a copy, please email John directly on


July 2007: The 'Wrap, Splat, Hat' Rap!

John has been delivering a rap to Primary School children to warn them all about the dangers of being in the sun. The campaign is supported by Garnier Ambre Solaire, and John can be seen on 'Channel M' news delivering his rap!


June 2007: Frankenstein does Crawley.

The production was a complete success. The studio was full and everyone left amazed by what they had seen. John's performance as The Creature received great acclaim from the audience and the company alike. John would like to thank Love and Madness Productions for getting him involved with such an enjoyable project.


May 2007: John Secures New Commercials Agent.

John is now represented by Denise Ramkissoon at Emptage Hallett for Commercials. You can find their website here:  John is excited to be on the books of such an impressive and respected agency.


May 2007: John unleashes The Beast!

John has been cast into the lead role of 'The Beast' in a brand new adaptation of Frankenstein. It is on at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley from June the 15th. John is very thankful to Irene East for getting him involved in this fantastic project.


March 2007: John juggles for Hellmanns Mayonnaise.

You will soon be seeing John Juggling Hellmanns Mayonnaise jars! He's been cast into an advert for Hellmanns Mayonnaise and the photos will be used all over the press and internet. He is the Mayonnaise Kid!


February 2007: The New year begins with Nokia!

John has been cast into a number of Nokia adverts that will be broadcast on the internet. Nokia are launching their new L'Amour Collection 2007, and John is promoting this around the country and online. Go to to see him in action.




November 2006: Success at The Lowry.

The Inaugural production of the Agatha Christie Theatre Company finished its tour of 'The Hollow' to a near sell out crowd at The Lowry Theatre, Manchester. Johns portrayal of Sergeant Penny was well received by both the audience and company alike.


September 2006: John to take over role.

After understudying a number of roles in the current tour of ‘The Hollow,’ John Bulleid takes over the role of Sergeant Penny when the Tour reaches The Lowry theatre in Manchester from the 13th-18th of November 2006.


August 2006: Wilkinson a complete success.

'Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson' went down a storm at the Festival. The production picked up a number of 4 and 5 star reviews and was called a 'must see.' John had an amazing time and would like to thank everyone involved for all their help. Roll on next year!


July 2006: Festival Return.

After a trip to Edinburgh as an amateur, John Bulleid will make his professional debut at the Fringe in ‘Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson.’ John takes over the lead role of Jake in the acclaimed Menier Chocolate Factory production that has just recently finished a run in London. They are performing in the E4 Udderbelly at 2pm everyday. Get your tickets now!


June 2006: Kenwright Number 2!

After impressing in his role in the National tour of ‘Festen,’ John Bulleid has been invited to join the current Kenwright tour of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow.’ This is the inaugural production for ‘The Agatha Christie Theatre Company’. He will be understudying three parts. John will join the Tour at the Theatre Royal, Windsor at the end of August.


February 2006: John Bulleid Joins Kenwright production.

John Bulleid has landed the Understudy role in the critically acclaimed ‘Festen,’ currently touring the UK. This follows John’s success in the London Production of True West. John covers the lead roles of Christian, Michael and the roles of Kim and Lars.


January 2006: London: True West a great success.

The short London run has been heralded as a great success. With good houses on both nights and strong performances from the cast all the effort of bringing the show from Germany has been well rewarded.


December 2005/January 2006: True West to Come to London.

With the continued success of ‘True West,’ the English Theatre Company is bringing the show for a short run to The Cockpit Theatre in London. John Bulleid, who plays the role of Austin in this Sam Shepard play, has taken on the role of Production manager for the London Performances.



November 2005: John in his first short Film.

John Bulleid has landed the role of Jason in a short film called 'Delusions of Grandeur.' Its being produced and directed by Geoff Clark. This is a one man piece, following John’s character through his day.


October 2005: True West Run Extended.Again!

After playing to full houses, ‘True West’ has again had dates added to the run. John Bulleid will be returning to the role of Austin for a number of shows in the lead up to Christmas.


August 2005: John Lands Prodigy Video Role.

John Bulleid has landed a cameo role in the new Prodigy video, promoting their new single ‘Voodoo People.’


June 2005:True West Run Extended.

Following the success of the initial run, John Bulleid has been asked to reprise the role in a further run at a number of venues in Essen and to tour School theatres in Northern Germany.


April 2005: Bulleid Caps first Professional week with a job!

Less than three days after graduating from Webber Douglas John Bulleid has landed the role of Austin in Sam Shepard’s ‘True West.’ John joins The English Theatre Company in Essen, Germany for a month run in the Stratsmann Theatre.


April 2005: Bulleid signs with Timid Associates.

Within 24 hours of graduating from Webber Douglas John Bulleid has signed with Timid Associates. Commenting on the agreement David Padbury said “John is a fine young talent and will be a valuable addition to our Acting portfolio”


April 2005: Graduation at last!

Fulfilling a lifelong ambition John Bulleid graduated today from The Webber Douglas of Dramatic Art with a diploma in Acting.




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December: An exciting year!

As 2014 draws to a close, John has continued to build on his strong reputation as an actor and magic consultant. With a show in development, along with a number of successful meetings and auditions, 2015 is going to be a busy one!


November: The secrets are revealed.

The effects for 'The Secret Adversary' are all in development, and John is in discussion with director Sarah Punshon and designer Tom Rogers to bring them to stage. It's shaping up to be a fantastic piece.


October: Agatha Christie Magic.

John has been approached by The Watermill Theatre to consult on a new production of 'The Secret Adversary.' He will be designing a number of effects to be used throughout the show. It plays at The Watermill for five weeks, then tours the country. John would like to thank Al Smith for the recommendation.


September: Lawyer for the day.

Next month John will be filming a series of short scenes for a law firm in London. They will be used for training purposes and John is enjoying getting to grips with all the legal jargon in the script!


July 2014: John heads to Albert Square!

John will be wowing the cast and crew of Albert Square with his magic skills as they throw the gates open for a family fun day. He would like to thank Rona McKendrick for asking him along, and looks forward to confusing all the locals at the Old Vic!


June 2014: Recall offered.

After working on the script, and carefully selecting what effects he'd show in the audition, John has been recalled on the shortlist for the new magic play he was approached for a little while ago. With every meeting he is learning more about this fascinating project.


May 2014: Deloitte delighted, and book again!

Last year John fronted a campaign for Deloitte and used his magic skills as the hook to help raise the profile of their graduate scheme. That campaign won a number of awatds, and John has been asked back to do it again. Over the next few weeks he will be appearing at universities up and down the country. If you're a student - keep your eyes peeled! #Deloittemagic


April 2014: New headshots.

Following the recommendation of his new agent, John has had a new collection of photos taken by Steven Lawton, which you can see by clicking here. He'd like to thank Steven for a brilliant afternoon and some fantastic shots.


Aprl 2014: A magical new play.

As his reputation continues to grow, John has been approached to auditon for a new play that looks to use magic as a storytelling device. He is thoroughly excited to be considered for such an exciting piece and is looking forward to the first meeting with the immensely talented production team.


March 2014: New Agent.

John is very excited to announce he is now represented by Stevenson Withers for Commercials. He would like to thank Natasha and Jen for the lovely meeting, and looks forward to seeing what opportunities come up over the coming months. John would also like to thank Gayle and Hannah at JDM for a great 18 months on their books, and wishes them all the best for the future.


March 2014: Magical documentary.

This month John will be interviewed by a student at Greenwich Universtiy for a documentary all about magic. He was chosen from the 'Find a Magician' page on The Magic Circle website and will post the video up as soon as its finished.


February 2014: New headshots and showreel.

With the start of the new year John has had some new headshots taken by Jon Cartwright. He has also had a new showreel edited to include his most recent work on screen which you can see here.


January 2014: Inamo Magic nights.

Every month John is performing his own brand of engaging and stylish close up magic at Inamo. The nights are establishing a strong following with people booking well in advance to be part of a fantastic evening, To give you a taste of the event they have created a few videos which can be seen by clicking here- Inamo St. James promo, Inamo Wardour Street promo and #Inamomagic promo.  


January 2014: The Unseen is launched.

Check out the trailer (click here) for a new film created by The WWF (Nature fund not wrestling!) In a world where everything is not always as it seems... this trailer has a surprise at the end...

John would like to thank the team at Nice and Serious for such an enjoyable shoot.


December 2016: A busy end, and looking forward to an even busier 2017!

For the last few weeks John has been splitting his time between Watford Palace and The Liverpool Playhouse and the magic in both shows is shaping up to be very special. The front of cloth vanish in 'Beauty and The Beast' and The Cabinet of Proteus in 'The Star' are real stand out moments and John is very excited to be working with such talented casts and creative teams on both shows. With a number of very positive reviews coming in, it is a fitting end to such a fantastic year. In 2017 John is hoping to build on his reputation and continue working with the best theatres across the UK. He is already pencilled in to meet with The RSC, has been approached for a new production of 'The Invisible Man' and is in further talks with Sixth Sense about a children's TV show.


November 2016: Partners in Crime opens, and two new projects begin.

After a fantastic few weeks of rehearsals 'Partners in Crime' is now open at The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch. The magic in the show is picking up some brilliant mentions in the reviews, and John is delighted to see such a great piece doing so well. As we head into Christmas John has been approached to consult on 'Beauty and The Beast' at Watford Palace Theatre, and 'The Star' at Liverpool Playhouse. John would like to thank Eleanor Rhodes and Philip Wilson (directors for 'Beauty and The Beast' and 'The Star') for asking him to join their creative teams.


October 2016: Dracula flys and Partners in Crime approaches.

Following three weeks of exciting rehearsals here in the UK 'Dracula...' is now in Singapore preparing to open on Halloween. John created methods to (safely) allow Dracula to be stabbed in the heart with a stake, decapitated and then crumble into ash. John would like to thank Joe Harmston (Director) for asking him back in, and Paul Ewing (Producer) for his ambition and enthusiasm with this epic project.

Partners In Crime is in the final week of rehearsals under the watchful eye of John Nicholson (Director) and John is really excited to see the changes made from the original production.


September 2016: Globe Consultancy.

'The Inn at Lydda' is currently on at The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and John was asked to consult on two effects for the show. Both were escapology based, and allowed a lady tied to a pillar escape from her ropes with no cover. John would like to thank Andy Jordan (director) for the call, and Joe Harmston for the recommendation. All the details of the show can be found here:


September 2016: Time to 'Do the Dishes.'

From the 5th of September you can see John competing as part of 'Team Magic' on Who's doing the dishes? The show will be on at ITV at 3pm Monday 5th to Friday 9th 2016. It was a real pleasure to be involved with the show, and it will be great to see how it was all edited together.


August 2016: A meeting with Sixth Sense.

John is due to meet Sally-Ann Keiser, head of Sixth Sense productions to discuss magic in relation to Children's Television programmes. Sixth Sense are a great company with a proven track record of superb programmes developed for a number of major networks. Watch this space to see how this progresses...


August 2016: Partners in Crime and Dracula...

It is with great delight John can reveal he is now confirmed as the Magic Consultant on both 'Partners in Crime' at The Queens Theatre in Horncurch, and 'Dracula: Blood is life' in Singapore. Both these productions were immense fun to work on first time round, and with the chance to re-visit the effects John is hoping to add more magic wherever possible!


July 2016: The time of his life...

Ten days of rehearsal, six incredible performances, over 40,000 audience members - John had a blast performing as 'The Great Toddini' in Secret Cinema presents Dirty Dancing.' It was a truly inspiring project to be part of and John would like to thank all the cast, creative team and directors for making it a stunning summer. To give an idea of the scale of the event please watch this short video filmed with a drone on a Saturday evening performance -


July 2016: Secret rehearsals.

John is well into rehearsals now for the current Secret Cinema project. You can find out all you need to know by following this link -


June 2016: Secret Cinema presents...

This summer John will be doing a spot of time travelling and heading back to the summer of 1963... Keep your eyes peeled to find out more soon.


June 2016: Watford Palace meetings.

John was delighted to meet with Brigid L'amour, The Artistic Director at Watford Palace Theatre. Working at this theatre has long been an ambition of Johns, and after a very exciting initial meeting they are now working on a few ideas together. Watch this space!


May 2016: Secret Adversary #2

After a brilliant run at The Watermill Theatre and a fantastic UK tour 'The Secret Adversary' has been renamed 'Partners in Crime' and is due to run at The Queens Theatre in Essex. John has been approached to consult on the new production, and to look again at the original effects. All the info can be found here:


May 2016: 'Who's doing the dishes?' Not us!

Following a brilliant few weeks of filming, 'Team Magic' has wrapped on their five episodes. It is due to be aired in September. It was an incredible experience and to find out how the team did make sure you tune in!


April 2016: ITV calling.

John has been invited to take part in a show for ITV called 'Who's doing the dishes?' He will be part of 'Team Magic' and over the course of five nights will have dinner cooked for them by a mystery celebrity. They have to deduce from clues given to them throughout the evening who that celebrity is!


March 2016: Dracula spreads his wings...

Following a fantastic run in Bangkok John is now in discussions about a potential tour of 'Dracula, Blood is Life.' Watch this space for more details soon!


March 2016: The Mummy awakens.

John has performed in a rehearsed reading of 'The Mummy' written by Jack Milner and directed by Joe Harmston. John played the part of Sosra, an immortal mummy out to bring his beloved back from the dead. It was a great afternoon and the piece was very well received. John is also on board as the Magic Consultant and will be designing a number of startling effects for the show.


March 2016: Dracula opens to rave reviews.

'Dracula, Blood is Life' has opened in Bangkok. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the audience has reacted really well to the show. John would like to thank Joe Harmston (Director) and Paul Ewing (Producer) for involving him with such an ambitious and exciting piece.


February 2016: Voiceovers and meetings.

The Soho Theatre have been in touch again with John to discuss a creating a new piece together. This is now in the early stages of development with an exciting writer attached. John has also been re-hired to narrate a short film about recycling.


January 2016: Bangkok calling.

As rehearsals begin, John is in constant discussion with the team in Bangkok for 'Dracula, Blood is Life.' The scale and ambition behind this project is incredible and John is relishing the challenge of being involved.


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December 2017: Magic at The National Theatre and Aladdin opens to great reviews.

For December, January and February John will be performing magic at The National Theatre as part of their pre show for Pinocchio. He would like to thank Jessie Anand for asking him to be part of the team. Aladdin is open in Lancaster and picking up lots of lovely reviews – with plenty of mentions for the magic in the show.

It has been an incredible year and John is very excited to be heading into 2018.


November 2017: A new arrival, more monkeys and an Immersive Ensemble road trip!

John is delighted to announce the safe arrival of their second baby – Zak. He was born at 00:00 on the 1st November 2017 and is doing brilliantly. Thanks go to all the staff at Watford Genera Hospital. He has been back in with Madinga Arts filming a trailer for their monkey piece and this will be on the website when it is ready. Aladdin is now in rehearsals in Lancaster and John will be heading up to teach the effects for the show. To finish an extraordinary month John is heading to Amsterdam and Frankfurt with The Immersive Ensemble to perform at a private event.


October 2017: The Invisible Man becomes a must see show.

After nearly a full year of work ‘The Invisible Man’ has opened at The Queens Theatre to great reviews and enthusiastic audience response. John has relished working on such an ambitious show and is very proud of each effect that is used to bring the invisible world to life. Thanks go to Ryan, Lily, Clem, Doug and his fantastic team at The Queens.


October 2017: Old Vic 12 and Invisible Man starts to appear.

After submitting an application (and at time of writing the winners having been announced) John can share the news he made the shortlst for The Old Vic 12 as a Magic Consultant. Also this month ‘The Invisible Man’ has been slowly taking shape – Ryan and John are working each magical moment into the scenes so they feel part of the action rather than a magic trick. It is going to be an incredible show.


September 2017: Meetings and rehearsals.

After months of planning ‘The Invisible Man’ starts rehearsals this month. John will be in with the cast at least once a week teaching the effects for the show and working them into the piece. The show is hugely ambitious yet totally achievable. He has also been in meetings with a new agent and with the creative team for Aladdin.


August 2017: Magic monkeys and invisibility testing.

John has been asked to be part of R&D for a new piece about mad monkeys overthrowing their evil tamer. He would like to thank Miguel from Mandinga Arts for asking him to be part of the team. Watch this space to see how it progresses – the aim is to tour to festivals in 2018. John has also been at The Queens Theatre testing methods of invisibility and is delighted with how the effects are shaping up for the show.


July 2017: Design meetings and magical plotting.

Making a man invisible is proving an exciting and rewarding challenge for John. He has been in for a number of meetings with the designer and director (Lily Arnold and Ryan McBryde) and the methods they are looking to use will make this piece truly astonishing. 


June 2017: Inspirational theatre and magic.

Penn & Teller are a huge magical influence for John and he had the pleasure of seeing their show in London this month. The effects were stunning and showed what’s possible when you scale up ideas to fill huge auditoriums. On the same note, John also saw ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ which was hugely entertaining. The magic in the show is brilliant and left John buzzing with ideas for ‘The Invisible Man’ and ‘Aladdin’


May 2017: The Rogue

‘The Rogue’ is the character John will create and portray as part of ‘The Club’ for The Immersive Ensemble. He is also devising a number of effects to be used throughout the show by the cast. For those who want to take part please click here. John has also been up t


April 2017: Bringing the real magic to Aladdin and joining ‘The Club’

This Christmas John will be working with Sarah Punshon at The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster on their panto production of Aladdin. He is really excited to be back working with Sarah and is looking forward to seeing the production take shape throughout the year. John is hugely excited to have been cast as a performer for the next Immersive Ensemble production called ‘The Club.’ It is a fascinating immersive theatre piece that asks for its audience to come with an open mind and to look differently at all they see and experience. All the info can be found here:


March 2017: A darkly comic Dracula and magical filming.

Le Navet Bete are an Exeter based theatre company who create their own anarchic versions of classic tales, and John has been called in to create some odd magical moments for their production of ‘Dracula.’ He is back working with director John Nicholson, and heading to The Northcott Theatre for rehearsals before the show heads on a UK tour. All the info can be found here:

John has also been filming a series of magic principles and effects for the TV show he is developing with Sixth Sense Media. Thanks go to Jake Banfield for his assistance and filming expertise.


Feb 2017: The RSC and The Immersive Ensemble.

John had the pleasure of meeting with Matthew Dewsbury and Ben Tyreman at The RSC offices in London to discuss all aspects of his work and is hoping this will lead to a number of exciting opportunities.  He is also working with The Immersive Ensemble on their latest creation ‘The Great Gatsby’ at The Vaults Festival in London. All the info can be found here:  This will be the first of a number of collaborations with the team, and John is really delighted to be working with them all.


Jan 2017: New Year, and plenty of new projects

As 2017 begins John is getting ready to work on a number of new magic consultancy projects and is booking in acting jobs throughout the year. Here’s to an exciting and busy 2017!