John combines his knowledge of the theatre and stagecraft with magical techniques to help you create moments of pure wonder for your productions. He is an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star, and was classically trained at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

John can help you with presentations, making them pack more of a magical punch and can create bespoke magic effects for you to express your key messages or ideas.

He is also available to help with the facilitation of workshops and can use his magic to re-energise groups, keeping them focused on the exact task they have been set. Recent work in this field includes working with Facebook, KPMG, Coca Cola and DHL.


To discuss your ideas with John please email him on:




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This video offers a snapshot of John and the team working at The National Theatre Studio. John was there as an actor and magic consultant, and together with Eleanor Rhode (Director) and Al Smith (writer) they explored the use of magic as a storytelling device in theatre. The team of actors working with them explored how you can create scenes from a magic effect, and helped show the importance of narrative within those scenes. For a PDF explaining their work and highlighting further videos please email John by clicking here.

Murder Most Fowl at The Quays Art Centre on The Isle of Wight required a working sword cabinet effect that would also kill one of the characters. This meant the cabinet needed to work magically, dramatically and safely! John also had to devise a cheesy magic routine and a number of other effects for the Magician character to perform.

Deloitte approached John to help design and deliver a number of highly visual effects to be used on a national campaign to raise awareness of their graduate scheme. John visited universities up and down the country using his magic to engage with students and raise the profile of Deloitte.

The Future Laboratory wanted a bespoke routine created using playing cards to demonstrate quickness of hand and also to surprise the delegates. It was used at a conference on repeat on large screens to keep people informed about what was happening throughout the day, and was also used in a mail out to potential delegates.

Alice in Wonderland at The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton offered John a chance to create a number of effects to help express iconic moments of the story, as well as using magic to add a comedic element to the show. The clip shows a few of the set pieces John designed, built and choreographed.

From concept to design and delivery John is able to take your ideas and help you find a way to express them using magic.


With theatre productions or films John will look through the script with you, offering advice on what effects may be used to achieve certain moments and also where magical techniques (such as misdirection or an odd bit of 'business') could fit in to heighten the piece. He will then show you prototypes of the effect, and oversee the construction of any props required. Most importantly John would attend rehearsals to train the cast on how to deliver the effect and be on hand during technical rehearsals to make sure it delivers exactly what is required.


In the corporate arena John takes much the same approach only this time focusing on any key messages you are looking to get across or finding effects that make a complicated concept instantly accessible.

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Here's a brief explanation of what you can expect when you contact John regarding a project you are developing.

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You make initial contact with John regarding a project you would like to add some magic to.

This could be anything -

a presentation, a film,

a play, a trade show -

no matter what John will listen to your brief, and get thinking!

John then develops a number of ideas and concepts then arranges meetings to show you the direction he is taking the brief, making sure you are happy with it all.

Once the ideas are agreed upon, everything is created/ordered to your exact specification.

Once everything has been created John is then ready to do whatever is required, depending on the nature of the brief. That could be anything from performing the effects live or on film, to directing others, or presenting the entire magical concept to potential investors. Throughout the entire process John is on hand to answer any questions.

Theatre credits include: Beauty And The Beast (Watford Palace); The Star (Liverpool Everyman); Partners In Crime (Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch); The Inn At Lydda (Shakespeare’s Globe); Dirty Dancing (Secret Cinema); Dracula (Paul Ewing Entertainment, Thailand); The Gypsy Thread (National Theatre Studio); The Ladykillers, The Secret Adversary (Watermill Theatre); Thark (Park Theatre); Alice In Wonderland (Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton); Murder Most Fowl (Quay Arts Centre) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theatre in the Forest).


TV and Film credits include: ‘Coco’ Report (Channel 4 News); You And Universe, Loo (Independent Short Films).